fashion_piranha (fashion_piranha) wrote,

Random behind-the-scenes blogginess

No big or especially interesting updates today.

I'm mostly just trying to clean up the journal.  There have been a lot of lazy things I've let slide over the past year, like hot-linking book covers instead of hosting them on my owner server.  I'm now going back and fixing that, and should be caught up and current with that soon.  I'm also debating what the new layout should be - while I like the current color scheme, the layout itself is seriously dated - and trying to decide whether it's even worthwhile to stay here on livejournal.  It might be time to migrate the blog to Wordpress or Blogspot.  But that's still up in the air.

I've also made the decision to turn on CAPTCHA for anonymous posters.  I know, I's bloody annoying.  But the number of spambots attacking popular entries has increased tenfold in the past month, and I expect that 95% of them can be stopped by CAPTCHA.  At least, I sure hope so.

Back to books with the next entry!

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