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Review: Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut by Jill Kargman

Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut

by Jill Kargman

This is a series of essays about Jill Kargman's wacky and hilarious life in New York City. From the revolving door of crazy au pairs that watched her as a child to the brothel in the apartment below hers, Jill's got quite a few stories to tell. In a snarky, casual style Kargman dishes on her Jewish roots, parenting, exercise, breast cancer, and anything else that pops into her head.

Kargman's writing is full of slang, ranging from the cute ('splosion) to the youthful (OMG) and the crass (va-jay-jay). This excerpt is from a chapter in which she discusses why she 's a gay man trapped in a woman's body:
We like the same things. Dick, for one. Just kidding. Slash not. I love me a diva. Before I bore fruit, I clubbed at the Cock and dance-halled my way into some serious street cred, and even had a glam rock-themed birthday party with my best friend Trip called Filthy Studio Whore. It was maje.

The stories have the same conversational, easy-going style of blog entries. This will sound like a strange criticism, but I find that what works on the Internet doesn't always transition to print for me. Like, I don't mind reading a series of blog entries that amount to little more than hallway gossip, but I can't stand to read a printed book of the same material. It's like I expect the words on paper to strive for a nobler purpose, or something. Hmmm. Now doesn't that sound silly?

At any rate, while Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut is entertaining, it's like reading a magazine. You enjoy it, but you also really don't feel the need to read it more than once.

2.5 out of 5 stars


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Tags: **1/2, 2011, 21st century, humor, memoirs, new york city, non-fiction, r2011, relationships
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