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BookMooch Journal: Cold As Ice

I know that many of you guys are familiar with BookMooch. For those who are not, it's a book-trading website. You earn points by posting books and mailing them to other users; the points can then be used to request the titles you want. Here in the United States, shipping the average paperback costs between $2-$3, so it's a great way to get new reading material on the cheap.

In addition to books, there's an interesting secondary project run through Bookmooch called BookMooch Journals. Users of the site send out blank journals, usually themed, and those who 'mooch' these journals add a few pages of art before sending the book on to another moocher. It's a fun way to exercise your creative talents in a collaborative project, whether you like writing, drawing or collage. I've been sending out journals for several years now, but it takes a long, long time for each journal to get filled up. Last month I finally received my first journal that was completely filled! It's called Cold As Ice, and has a simple theme:
This book is a celebration of chilling, cooling color! Every image or word written here must be in the palette of winter - blue, green, deep shadowy purples, you get the idea! - whether it be a collage or cohesive image.
Everything ice is perfectly nice here! Set your frosty fingers to work and see what you create!

Here's the cover of the journal. It was very small, about 4" x 4":

Did some half-assed editing to take my address out.

Hard to believe it only took about three and a half years to fill up!

If the traveling journal project looks like something that might interest you, check it out.
The project's blog is here:
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