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Review: Not Love But Delicious Foods Make Me So Happy! by Fumi Yoshinaga

Not Love But Delicious Foods Make Me So Happy!
by Fumi Yoshinaga

As a mangaka, Y-naga spends countless hours drawing and planning stories. She’s so busy that she can barely find time to comb her hair or change out of her dumpy sweats. Only one thing can get her to clean up and leave her house, and that is her passion for food. Each of the short eight-page chapters is both a humorous look at Y-naga’s social ineptitude and a review of one of Tokyo’s resturants.

Y-naga’s love of friends and food shines on every page. Indeed, it’s almost overwhelming how much she and her companions can talk and talk about food, describing it in mouthwatering detail. It’s quite a tease, actually, because their praise of different dishes just makes me hungry, too! Even food that I normally wouldn’t touch with a ten food pole – liver sashimi? No thanks! – sounds to die for, the way Y-naga rhapsodizes about it. But while individual stories are fun, reading this entire volume back-to-back is a bit boring. I mean, you’re essentially reading restaurant reviews, and unless you live in Tokyo they’re reviews of restaurants you’re never going to eat at! If you do live in or plan to visit Tokyo, though, this is a really fun way to learn about some potential places to stop and eat. There’s even a map included at the end of every chapter to help you find the restaurant.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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Tags: ***1/2, 2005, 21st century, food, graphic novel, humor, japan, manga, memoirs, non-fiction, r2011, tokyo
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