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Sunrise of Avalon
by Anna Elliott

Final volume in the “Twilight of Avalon” series; I’ve previously reviewed the first and second books. Review may contain spoilers for previous books.

Now secretly married, Isolde and Trystan must separate once again after only a brief time together. But even the short time they spent together as man and wife proved fruitful, and Isolde now carries Trystan’s child. However, the former High Queen must keep the pregnancy a secret since her union with Trystan would never be approved by the lords of Britain. Never one to sit still, the lady is soon off on another adventure – this time, Isolde is on a mission to rescue the son of the High King from their enemy, Octa of Kent. As the great battle for control of Britain rages to its bloody conclusion, it seems impossible that the love shared between Isolde and Trystan can survive.

What can I say about this book that I did not already say for the previous volumes in the trilogy? The bleak, often bloody world of Dark Age Britain is softened with the lyrical prose of Anna Elliott. Her descriptions of quiet, tender scenes shine memorably; Isolde’s work in infirmaries, talking to wounded soldiers and nursing them through there are far more beautiful than the epic romance.

The romance fizzles rather than flares up in brilliant flames, largely due to the secrets that Trystan and Isolde are constantly hiding from each other. Once Isolde discovers she’s pregnant, she comes up with one excuse after another for why she absolutely cannot tell Trystan. Meanwhile, Trystan is absolutely convinced that he’s unworthy of his wife. He spends much of the book brooding over a secret that he can’t tell her without losing her; like a coward, he refuses to confront the past until it’s finally forced out of him much, much too late.

The ending is different from the traditional story of Trystan and Isolde. Even though I enjoyed the books I have to admit I was disappointed with the twist at the end - it seemed anti-climatic after everything that had happened. But I think that most people will be pleased with it, especially if they’ve grown to love the characters over the course of the story.

3 out of 5 stars

To read more about Sunrise of Avalon, buy it or add it to your wishlist click here.


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