September 28th, 2005

Spring 2006: Prada

Oh, Miuccia.
We need to sit down and have us a talk. I sympathize – and understand – the need to "go forward by trying to cancel out nostalgia." I really do. Nostalgia is the death of innovation through stagnation.
But, really now. Accomplishing this "by canceling out the body" is just trouble waiting to happen, as your latest collection clearly shows.

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Spring 2006: Dolce & Gabbana

It was twenty years ago today (yesterday) that you stepped out onto the fashion stage. While nothing in your show struck me as innovative, some of it quite lovely if not quite opaque. It was as if my grandmother's linen closet came to life and decided to come out and play. Tablecloths! Lace napkins! Worn nigh-transparent by wear and Time!

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