May 8th, 2010

the red queen.

Review: The Big Book of Gross Stuff by Bart King

The Big Book of Gross Stuff

by Bart King


            The Big Book of Gross Stuff is exactly what it sounds like.  Stuffed with the trivia, facts, and history of everything nasty, Bart King’s latest book shares all you ever wanted to know about the gross stuff that enters and exits the human body.   The book starts with birth (“You’ll have every different liquid in your body coming out of every orifice.  It’s a rainbow of color!”)  and sallies bravely through life, sharing all the details on farts, bacteria, and belly button lint.    Big green vomit-splats fill the pages, each one containing additional information like “Rumpology: Determining Fate From the Shape of Your Bum.” 


            It’s written to target kids 8-14, but at 25 I still found this incredibly entertaining. Sure, it’s absolutely gross, but it’s what kids (and adults) want to know!  I was surprised by how much information was in this book.  Yeah, there’s a lot of corny jokes and silliness, but you end up learning a lot about how the body produces its different fluids.  There’s lots of illustrations, but it’s primarily text.


            I’m a chart person, so I was delighted by the page that had a chart detailing farts.  One column for a food, one column for the sound that food’s fart would make, and a column for the reactions of anyone nearby.  Brilliant!  Plus the onomatopoeia is fantastic.  Who knew that prune farts sound like ‘shiggety-burple?’  Or that a cauliflower fart is best described as ‘proodle-proodle?’  (Man, I am so juvenile.)


            I also love that the book has a reversible cover for readers who don’t wish others to know what they’re reading.  Turn the cover inside out and you have a mock-composition notebook labeled ‘Biology’ instead of a lime-green The Big Book of Gross Stuff.  So go on, don't be squeamish!  Indulge that immature little kid inside you that giggles at fart jokes and check this book out!

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