June 5th, 2010

new romantic.

Video: Why Indie Bookstores Are Better

When I worked at Lush Cosmetics, we had themed days once or twice a month where we'd all dress up in costumes and have a 'party' for the customers.  Depending on the theme, dressing up could be a pain (Lush's infamous Naked campaign would have been the worst, but thankfully our store was in a mall and couldn't participate) but it was usually really fun - where else was I going to get dolled up like a princess or an angel?  With a patina of nostalgia now washed over my retail career, I remember those party days quite fondly.

I bring this up because not only did I think it was fun as an employee, it was fun for the customers, too.  In the early days of the store customers would come in dressed up for the different events.  People who were just passing by would see the costumes and come in just to find out why we had a poufy-dress bride or Lady Gaga in the store.  The silliness would break down barriers between customer and sales associate, and over time I think it really helped to strengthen customer loyalty.

This is one of the reasons I thought this video from Pegasus Books was so much fun. What better way to showcase the biggest advantage physical bookstores have over e-stores like Amazon than by dressing up your sales team as superheroes, saving the day for their customers and finding that special book?