July 6th, 2010

new romantic.

Museums & Childrens' Books

Earlier this week, my boyfriend and I went to the California Academy of Sciences and spent the whole day goofing around and having fun.  (You can read about it here if you feel so inclined.)  Like good little American consumers, we spent a fair amount of time poking around in the gift shop, but we didn't buy anything and thus further contributed to the stagnation of the economy. 

The best part of the gift shop is always the childrens' section, especially their books.  I don't know why, but museums always seem to have the weirdest collection of titles.  Some of them are printed for the museum, while others are somehow thematically linked to the exhibits on display.  The connection is often tenuous, but fun.

The book I almost bought, for cuteness and for sentiment, was Pierre the Penguin, an epic tale about a penguin that goes bald and wears a little black wetsuit for several months until his feathers grown back.  It's based on a true story.  I loved hearing about Pierre when the story first hit news sites back in 2008

Another book about penguins wasn't exactly scientific in nature, but c'mon...who wouldn't want a sparkly penguin?  The cover had a baby penguin with glitter all over its belly.  It was awesome.

It wants to sparkle like a Cullen. 
Oooo.  Twilight joke.
 Why would I link something as wholesome and wonderful as a penguin with Twilight?  I'm sorry, Internet.

My boyfriend, on his own quest for the Best Kid's Book Ever, came up with this excellent entry:

Giraffes can't dance, but isn't it cruel to tell them so?
Not that you can tell in this photo, but my boyfriend was wearing a giraffe hoodie.  You can see the tiny yellow head poking up on the bottom edge.  

Man, doesn't it just make you want to be a child again?