July 29th, 2010

new romantic.

Internet Phenomena: Old Spice Guy & Libraries


Is there anyone unfamiliar with The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, aka Old Spice Guy?  He's from Old Spice's 2010 Superbowl Commercial.  It was one of the most popular ads, and became an even bigger hit on Youtube - the commercial has been viewed over sixteen million times since February.  Just in case you somehow missed this commercial, here it is for your viewing pleasure:


(I myself am shamelessly addicted to Old Spice commercials in general, because they are ridiculously funny.  Really.  Just go to Old Spice's Youtube channel and poke around.  Neil Patrick Harris has shilled for the company! The great NPH himself!) 

A few weeks ago, the Old Spice Guy started making video responses to comments about his work on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and other Internet sites.  The videos went viral as more and more were posted to Old Spice Guy's Twitter feed and Youtube channel; over several days over 150 videos were posted.  It was a pretty impressive campaign.  Anyway, at one point it was requested that Old Spice Guy say something about libraries.  The following video appeared:


The day after the above video was posted, some clever folks at the Harold B. Lee Library posted their own video parodying  the Old Spice ad campaign's first commercial:


Pretty awesome.