October 7th, 2010

the red queen.

Writer's Block: Open book test

Based on the books on your bookshelf, what conclusions would people draw about you?

I've got a huge freakin' library.  It's scary.  Thousands of books.  I've read less than half of them, to be honest.  So the first big mistake someone might make about me, based on my bookshelves, is that I'm much more well read than I am.

People might make the mistake that I'm actually religiously literate.  On my bookshelves I have many volumes of different religious texts, ranging from The Theologia Germanica of Martin Luther to Zohar: The Book of Enlightenment.  I have translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls and introductory books to Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism, not to mention tons of translated documents from the history of Catholicism and Protestant sects.  But most of these books I have not read cover to cover, although I'd like to, so I doubt I'd be able to hold a serious discussion for very long.

I have lots of biographies about powerful women in history.  I doubt there's an English queen that I don't have a book for, and I've got multiple tomes for each Tudor ruler.  I've also got books about Chinese empresses, Medici and Borgia heirs, and Egyptian pharaohs.  (These are just the biographies; each biography probably has one or two historical fiction titles to go along with it.  I have mountains of historical fiction.)  But it's not limited to rulers.  One of my prized possessions is a biography called The Holy Maid of Kent, a biography of Elizabeth Barton, an English prophetess executed by Henry VIII.  I like reading about interesting people, and there are a lot of interesting people out there.

I think it goes without saying that people would think I was a huge freakin' otaku / anime nerd, because I am drowning in graphic novels.  Seriously.  If you took every manga in my collection and  built a book fort out of them, you could probably build several towers and a very nice parapet.  But hey, I am a huge freakin' nerd, so at least that's accurate.

Lots of books about fashion history, with lots of pretty pictures.

Lots of books about drawing and painting, which I've skimmed but never actively practiced with.  It comforts me to think that if I liked, I could improve my art, but rarely do I actually try.

I've got a decent amount of fantasy.  Books about mythology from around the world.  Modern retellings of classic fairy tales.  Folklore collections from around the world.  A lot of books about hauntings and the supernatural.  Ghosts fascinate me, after all.  Books that I think are utter rubbish are there, too.  I mean, I have nearly a dozen books about Atlantis.  I don't believe Atlantis ever existed, yet I like to read all the theories about it.

Ultimately, I guess I hope that people would think I was an interesting person who would be fun to talk to.  The sort of person with a variety of interests who doesn't rely on the same rehashed Dan Brown plots for entertainment.