June 8th, 2014

Review: The Day of Revolution Vol. 2 by Mikiyo Tsuda

The Day of Revolution Vol. 2
by Mikiyo Tsuda

Sequel to The Day of Revolution Vol. 1.
Review contains spoilers for the previous volume of the series.

A few months have passed since a classmate nearly raped her, and Megumi is still traumatized. Her former best friends have declared themselves to be her suitors, and they pursue with an eagerness she finds overwhelming and off-putting. In fact, their aggression has more or less turned her off guys completely. Over the summer vacation, she takes to hiding out at her friend Makoto’s house, where she finds a sympathetic ear in Mikoto, a junior high student who is also bullied by his classmates.

Compared to the first volume, this book shows a lot more sympathy toward Megumi’s situation. Before, her new gender was played mostly for laughs, but here she reflects on some of the difficulties she’s encountered and how disturbed she is now that she realizes that her former friends are interested in her sexually.

Her friends. Good grief. So she has these four guy friends who were her pals back when Megumi was still a boy named Kei, and the minute she revealed her new identity they’ve been harassing her constantly to date and marry one of them. It’s disturbing how pushy they are – they show up at her house every day after she’s explicitly stated she doesn’t want to see them, they stalk her when she goes on out shopping with another guy, and in the last story, set a few years later when Megumi is a senior in high school, they come back from college to harass a boy who dared to hit on her. It’s ridiculous. This isn’t romantic or sweet – they’re stalkers and they’re sexually harassing Megumi! I guess I’m taking the story far more seriously than the reader is meant to do, but it’s disturbing behavior and it bothers me.

Yet in spite of their bad decisions, this book is an improvement over the first volume. Megumi grows as a person and truly settles into her new life as a young woman, and by the end of the book she’s sufficiently recovered from her trauma that she found a guy to love.

3 out of 5 stars

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