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Quiz: Are you as well-read as a 10th grader?

The Christian Science Monitor has a fun little quiz up on their website, testing how well-read an individual is by finding out how many "core" high school texts he or she has read.  As the site explains, 

Forty-five US states have adopted the Common Core, a set of standards that spell out what US public school students learn in each grade, from kindergarten to graduation. How would you match up? Test yourself on everything from Ovid to Shakespeare to see how familiar you are with the novels, short stories, plays, and poems that the Core expects 9th and 10th graders to have read.

Take the quiz here.

My score wasn't too great.  I took a pretty big hit on poetry, which I probably haven't read extensively since high school.  Russian literature also features prominently in the quiz, but I don't think we even touched it at my school.  I also ran into trouble several times because I had read poetry by Shakespeare or Dickinson, but not the specific poem selected for the quiz.  But this is what my result said:

You're pretty well read

You're familiar with words like 'Bildungsroman,' 'synecdoche,' and 'anagnorisis,' but perhaps not with today's updated literary curriculum.

That's true.  I'm pretty good with English and American classic lit, but a lot of the books that have been introduced in the past 20 years to bring diversity and promote multiculturalism in the classroom are pretty foreign to me.

What score did you get?  Take the quiz here and share your results!
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