fashion_piranha (fashion_piranha) wrote,

News: I'm off to Alaska!

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Tomorrow morning I will be departing from San Francisco on a ten-day Alaskan cruise, followed by a quick trip to Yosemite with my husband to celebrate our one year anniversary.  For the first time, I have entries timed for regular updates during my absence.  Assuming everything is working properly here on Livejournal, there should be no interruption to reviews and suchlike.

However, should something go amiss, updates will definitely return on June 4th, 2013

But I hope that no one will even remember that I was gone!

Peeking into the in:
2012: Fashionista Piranha on hiatus until May 24th...
2011: Bending the Boyne by J. S. Dunn
2010: Band of Angels by Julie Gregson
2009: Extraordinary Engines edited by Nick Gevers
Tags: news, travel
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