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Review: Limit Vol. 2 by Keiko Suenobu

Limit Vol. 2
by Keiko Suenobu

The first volume of Limit was reviewed here.
This review may contain spoilers for events in earlier volumes.

The division between “popular” and “unpopular” may have seemed important only hours ago, but after a school bus accident has killed all but five high school students, old roles no longer matter. Mizuki Konno, once part of the pretty elite clique, must humble herself and learn to work with old rivals and students she previously ignored as she and the others struggle to feed and shelter themselves. But danger comes not only from the forest they're stranded in. Class oddball Arisa Morishige has been mad with power ever since she managed to snag the only weapon on board the bus, and quiet Chikage Usui has started to crack under the strain. Konno's best chance at survival is by following the lead of calm strategist Chieko Kamiya, but will the girls work together or only to ensure their individual survival?

In the previous volume, Konno came to the realization that she doesn't really know her classmates beyond a superficial level when one of her supposed best friends lashes out at her. She does her best to patch things up in this volume, and tries to learn more about her classmates. But it seems like every attempt at bonding ends in disillusionment or failure, and she realizes just how fragile friendships can be.

More is revealed about the lives of Arisa, Chikage and Chieko as Konno gets to know them, and it is clear that their upbringing had a huge influence on their current actions. Chieko has many siblings that she longs to return to, and her grandfather taught her basic survival skills, so she is more comfortable in the situation than her counterparts. Chikage is her opposite in many ways: a pampered single child who doesn't quite know how to fend for herself because there have always been others to take care of her. Even Arisa's cruelties to her classmates begin to make more sense as her own dark history is slowly unveiled.

This is a dark story, made all the grimmer by the fact that the authorities – the school, bus company, and police – have not fully realized an accident occurred by the end of the second book. With every hour that passes, the girls' chance at survival slides. At this point, I'm already wondering who will be the next to die...

4 out of 5 stars

To read more about Limit Vol. 2, buy it or add it to your wishlist click here.

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