fashion_piranha (fashion_piranha) wrote,

Update on Neil Gaiman contest + author interview

Two updates/announcements for you:

1.   The Neil Gaiman contest has been extended until August 31st, 2008, so keep on spreadin' the good word and have fun with it!

2.  I will be interviewing Tom Davis, author of Red Letters: Living a Faith That Bleeds about his book and charity work in Africa.  Many of you brought up excellent points in your comments, such as:
- Writing the book from a faith-based initiative alienates potential readers
- Throwing money at Africa isn't really helping, or Good intentions vs. smart charity

 and I wanted to hear how Tom would respond to these valid points.  If you have any questions for him (and I hope that you do!), please let me know through the comments or e-mail so I can be sure to include them during the interview!

Also, several people wanted to know if proceeds from the book go toward charity.  The answer is yes: each book sale feeds an orphan for a month through the Children’s HopeChest ministry, and right the Coca-Cola Foundation is also matching the donations.
Tags: neil gaiman, tom davis
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