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My Husband's Sweethearts by Bridget Asher

My Husband’s Sweethearts
by Bridget Asher
            Lucy Shoreman always knew her husband was popular with the ladies, but four years into their marriage she’d expected him to give up the skirt-chasing ways of bachelorhood. When she discovered his flirtations with a woman Lucy knew only as ‘Springbird’, she was more than a little upset. When dear Artie cheerfully revealed there’d been two other affairs in their post-wedding years, Lucy’s rage skyrocketed and she left him without hesitation.
            That was six months ago. Artie is now dying and Lucy must return home and care for him. The first night back they fight, leading Lucy to demand why she has to be the only one to deal with Artie’s bad times when she had to share the good times with all his lovers? Artie challenges her to call his ‘sweethearts’ and invite them over, and in a huff Lucy storms out. Several drinks later, however, Lucy warms to the idea and begins dialing Artie’s old sweethearts to schedule their deathbed appointments.
            The very next day they start showing up. There’s Elspa, a former druggie utterly devoted to Artie because he saved her life. Elspa’s polar opposite Eleanor also arrives. She hates Artie passionately and came specifically to make him miserable. Then there’s The One Who Became A Lesbian After, The Russian, The Sign-Language Stripper, The Mother + Daughter Set…as the parade of exes marches on Lucy begins to reconnect with her husband and bonds with some of the other women, but will she be able to forgive him before the Grim Reaper becomes Artie’s final visitor?
            My Husband’s Sweethearts is hilarious. There’s silly chapter titles (Chapter Twenty-One: Eavesdropping is an Undervalued Life Skill) and the book reads quickly; it’s perfect to read all in one go or in short, ten minute intervals so it is a wonderful “emergency” book to carry around for bus rides and poolside reading. The dialogue is witty and the characters are just wonderful. Each one has a different reason for being in Artie’s life, and for coming back to see him now.   It’s a playful book with some truly poignant moments. Chick-lit for non chick-lit readers. (hmm…now that I think about it, I’m not sure I’d call it chick-lit, to be honest.)

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Tags: ****, 2008, 21st century, bridget asher, chick lit, deathbed, fiction, humor, infidelity, r2008
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