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Besides books, what else do you read?

Blogs, obviously, if you're visiting a page such as this.  Websites in general, I think it would be safe to assume.  But let's take the internet out of the equation.

Do you read magazines?  If so, what titles?
I'm subscribed to many of the fashion rags - Lucky, Glamour, Allure - and get many others, like W and Vogue, from friends and co-workers.  I receive Sierra, the Sierra Club's magazine, and I'm subscribed to National Geographic and a couple of archeaology magazines, too. 

Newspapers are supposed to be dying out.  Do you read them?
Right now I read the San Jose Mercury News daily because it's my regional paper.  I don't have any particular attachment to it, but I know that if I don't have a daily periodical appearing with the news I will probably remain uninformed because I won't seek out a good variety of news.  For a couple of years I also subscribed to Women's Wear Daily, the fashion industry newspaper.  It's expensive, though, even at student rate, so I haven't renewed it recently.

Do audio books count as reading?
I listen to audio books when I'm driving around town, and I probably complete one every two weeks or so.   Obviously I'm not using my eyes to read them, but they were still written and they still impart knowledge. 


Sep. 7th, 2008 10:02 pm (UTC)
Let's see, other than books I read...

-Comic books. I don't buy monthly comics, although I read my brother's when I have access to them, but I read a lot of graphic novels and trade paper collections of comic book story archs. In particular I'm a huge fan of Batman, and depending on the writer I also like to pick up Daredevil, I love Fables, I love Hellboy, and I will read anything that my brother hands to me. Most recently I'm itching to get my hands on the Supernatural comic books. And in a similar vein...

-Webcomics. I read a lot of webcomics, some of them graphic novel style storytelling, some of them more traditional humorous comics. The ones that I read regularly (I get most of them through feeds and I have a special friends list filter for them) are Girl Genius, Questionable Content, Something Positive, Sheldon, Gunnerkrigg Court, Family Man, Phoenix Requiem, Kukuburi, Hiatus, Sinfest, Strays, Wigu, xkcd, The Dreamer, and the Non-Adventures of Wonderella (...some of them don't update more than once a week).

-Blogs and columns. I subscribe to several blogs--some of them I skim, some I read in detail, some I mostly look at the pictures for ideas. They include decorating blogs like Steampunk House and Apartment Therapy, artists I follow, authors like Neil Gaiman and Robin Mckinley, webzine content like Coilhouse and Endicott Studios' Journal of Mythic Arts, individuals like Andrew Rilstone or personal friends who use blogging sites other than LJ, organizations like Library Thing, Post Secret, and NaNoWriMo, and stuff that just interests me, like OffBeatBride (I love looking at wedding stuff even though I am a million miles away from ever being in a relationship, never mind married. The costume designer/theater person in my looooves to look, though).

-Publishing news. I get Publishers Lunch and Shelf Awareness in my email inbox, and Publishing Insider on an LJ feed.

-Magazines. I read Paste, as well as Better Homes & Gardens and Southern Living (which my mother subscribes to--did I mention that I'm addicted to design shows on HGTV? I have a deep and unsatisfied nesting instinct that is dying to have its own place, but while I live with my parents I sate it with interior design shows and magazines). I also like to pick up the occasional wedding magazine, mostly to critique the dresses, and I'm not picky about which one, although Martha Stewart is usually my favorite. I'm also a fan of Real Simple, but it's a hideously expensive magazine and I rarely buy it. As a rule I will pick up and read any magazine at all, but I rarely buy them for myself.

-Newspapers...a tricky one. I enjoy reading the local paper (the Fort Worth Star Telegram), but I only read the Life section and skim through the local news section, and I would not buy it for myself--I only read it when I'm at home, because my parents are subscribers. It's not a particularly good newspaper, either. I like to sit with a newspaper, though, and would be glad to do it for an affordable regional paper that didn't suck--the problem is that it doesn't exist.


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