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Besides books, what else do you read?

Blogs, obviously, if you're visiting a page such as this.  Websites in general, I think it would be safe to assume.  But let's take the internet out of the equation.

Do you read magazines?  If so, what titles?
I'm subscribed to many of the fashion rags - Lucky, Glamour, Allure - and get many others, like W and Vogue, from friends and co-workers.  I receive Sierra, the Sierra Club's magazine, and I'm subscribed to National Geographic and a couple of archeaology magazines, too. 

Newspapers are supposed to be dying out.  Do you read them?
Right now I read the San Jose Mercury News daily because it's my regional paper.  I don't have any particular attachment to it, but I know that if I don't have a daily periodical appearing with the news I will probably remain uninformed because I won't seek out a good variety of news.  For a couple of years I also subscribed to Women's Wear Daily, the fashion industry newspaper.  It's expensive, though, even at student rate, so I haven't renewed it recently.

Do audio books count as reading?
I listen to audio books when I'm driving around town, and I probably complete one every two weeks or so.   Obviously I'm not using my eyes to read them, but they were still written and they still impart knowledge. 


Sep. 8th, 2008 01:02 am (UTC)
I think audio books totally count as reading. I mean, sure, you're not ingesting them by starting at squiggles on a page, but when you're done the novel (or whatever) is in your brain the same as if you'd read it in print. Audio books also have the advantage that your eye can't slip down the page the way it can with print so you tend to get every word. It makes tackling something like Ulysses or Illuminatus or Freud a lot less daunting. Plus, they're fantastic to have when you're stuck doing a lot boring mindless tasks that require your hands but not very much of your brain. If it weren't for audio books my day job would probably dive me insane, but as it stands, I actually love my job because I get to sit around listening to audio books all day.

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