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Event: Book Group Expo

My ticket for Book Group Expo arrived today.  I'm very excited!

Book Group Expo
When: October 25th-26th, 2008
Where: San Jose, California at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center
What & Why: (taken from the BGE webpage)

book group expo brings together serious readers and their passions—food, wine, conversation and everything else. Imagine! Two full days of book-related activities all in the comfortable and exciting company of other book lovers and authors. So, whether you call it a book group or a book club or a reading circle, if you treasure books and enjoy discussing them with others - book group expo is for you.

At book group expo you can:

  • Participate in intimate Literary Salons featuring authors and moderators discussing their ideas and their work
  • Enjoy free tastings of wine, tea, chocolate and other savory and sweet delights
  • Have access to books . . . lots of books!
  • Meet authors —book signings follow each Literary Salon
  • Learn about book groups and reading groups
  • Have fun. Serious fun.
A full list of authors scheduled to appear can be found here.  The ones listed below, however, have been reviewed or featured here on Fashionista Piranha:There's some awesome authors on the complete list, so be sure to go look!

Anyone else planning to go?

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