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Fashionista Piranha on hiatus for a while

Life and work have been so hectic lately that I haven't had a chance to really read, let alone write up reviews. I know that things will only get busier the closer we get to the holiday season, so rather than dig myself into a deeper pit of guilt because I can't keep up, I'm just going to go ahead and put the blog on hiatus.

Fashionista Piranha will come back in some form, but as part of the break I'm going to take a long, hard look at the blog and what I want to accomplish with it. My husband and I have been developing a concept for a Youtube project that we hope to launch next spring, and until I see what time commitments that requires I don't know how often I'll be able to update my book reviews.

I will return with either reviews or a fresh update in March 2017.

Peeking into the archives...today in:
2014: Elsa Schiaparelli by Meryle Secrest
2013: Limit Vol. 6 by Keiko Suenobu
2012: Incarceron by Catherine Fisher
2011: Another little break for school…
2010: News?: Leaves of Grass
2009: Doodle of the Day: Twilight
2008: Dream Jungle by Jessica Hagedorn


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