fashion_piranha (fashion_piranha) wrote,

Monarchy Mania Giveaway Winners


Monarchy Mania Contest ended last night and I have begun to contact the winners.

Here's how it works, for those of you who might be curious:
I draw the name of Winner #1 and contact them through e-mail, their website, or their Livejournal, whatever communication method they gave me with the list of available prizes.  I give them three days to respond and pick which prize they want.  As soon as they have picked their prize, I will draw the next name and keep the line moving.  The process will continue until every prize is given away.  So this page will be continuously updated until all the prizes have been awarded!

1.  Sarah C., VT: The Last Queen
2.  Tanya V., Canada: The Tsarina's Daughter
3. Rachel M., FL: The Heretic Queen
4. Lisa T., CA: Helen of Troy
5. David L., UK: The Heretic Queen
6. Ana O., Philippines: The Last Queen
7. Ruth W., Canada: A Constant Heart
8. Jess J., UT: The Other Queen
9. Helen Y., CA: Nefertiti

Tags: c. w. gortner, carolly erickson, contest, margaret george, michelle moran, philippa gregory, siri mitchell
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