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Contest (not mine): Patrick Rothfuss & Heifer International

Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Name of the Wind, is having an awesome contest on his blog.  For every $10 that you donate to Heifer International (one of my favorite charities!) he will enter you in a drawing to win one of approximately fifty kajillion prizes!  Really, he's gotten awesome donations from all over the place:

- $8,000 worth of books from Subterranean Press
- Books and prints from Peter S. Beagle, best known for The Last Unicorn
- tons more that I'm too lazy to type out but can be found here.  He's got AT LEAST 300+ prizes right now!

Pat's goal is to donate $30,000 to Heifer, and if these prizes aren't enough to motivate you perhaps the fact that Pat will match your donation is!  So we are looking a potential donation of $60,000+ to Heifer International.  That is HUGE, folks, and in times like these, when charities are really suffering a downturn in donations, it will make a critical difference.

So pop by his blog and read about the contest:
WHY Patrick Rothfuss is Doing This
HOW Patrick Rothfuss is Doing This

And please, please consider donating. Even if it's just $10...that $10 will become $20, which is enough for Heifer to buy a flock of chicks for some impoverished family in the third world.

Check it out!

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