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News: $20 off $40+ purchase at Dover

So I am a huge Dover Publications fan.  Their specialty is inexpensive reproductions of really random stuff.  I mean, they print the classics so if you need a cheap copy of a book by Charles Dickens or Thomas Hardy, they're a good resource.  But  I really love that they reprint obscure, weird stuff like Victorian Woodturnings and Woodwork or The Bavarian Illuminati in America: The New England Conspiracy Scare, 1798. Completely random!  I just love going through their catalogs and finding all these weird but cool books. 

Anyway, they're having a fantastic promotion right now - $20 off a purchase of $40 or more.  So if you buy $40 worth of books, you're getting it half-price.  That's pretty cool, dude!   They also have some pretty good books at 50% off, and you can combine the promotions - so you can save some serious dollars right now.

Check it out!

PS - How could I forget to mention they are also the creators of the Barack Obama and John McCain paper dolls?
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