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News: Just because you CAN publish a twelve year old's book doesn't mean you SHOULD

So I'm goofing around on Librarything and checking out the latest additions to the Member Giveaways section.  It's a new feature Librarything added that allows any user - authors, small publisher, and anyone else - to list books that they want to give away.  (Speaking of which, I just put a copy of Blue Camellia by Frances Parkinson Keyes up.  Check it out.)  So I was glancing over the listings to see if any new books had been added, and I noticed this one:

Peace Saved thought she was a girl like any other. She had great friends. She went to school. She daydreamed. But never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would be able to control water.

Peace discovers that she is the Light Master, as well as a Godsend of water. To learn more about her powers, she starts attending a school in heaven called "Peaceful Harmony." Peace meets Joy, who becomes one of her best friends. Joy makes Peace a rare rainbow phoenix named Flare.

When Peace thinks things can't get any weirder, Grace, a fellow student, loses the Godlove spirit that dwelled in her family for generations. It's up to Peace to save the spirit and fulfill her destiny.

"Holy cow!" I said to myself.  "That sounds CRAPTACULAR!!!"

So I hop on over to just to see if anyone's bought the book and put a review up (Librarything doesn't have any) and lo and behold, the book that sounds like it could have been written by a twelve-year-old was in fact written by a twelve-year-old.

So for a moment I feel bad for making fun of a ridiculous sounding book.  Peace Saved??  Light Master AND Godsend of water?  Is Peace dead?  Is that why she's in heaven going to school?  What kind of heaven includes school?

ANYWAY.  So I feel bad because it's just some twelve-year-old.  But then I get to thinking, why is a twelve-year-old getting published?  A bad book is still a bad book, even if it's written by a child.  (To be fair, I have not read this book.  It may be awesome. But Peace Saved?)  Should being young exempt a child from criticism, or is it fair game because it's been thrust into the mainstream?  I mean, from an article printed in The Scranton Times-Tribune it sounds like the book was published because the grandmother found a self-publishing agent to make it happen. 

So what I am actually most curious about re: Finding Peace and the True Soul is whether the book is a picture-book or chapter-book.  

Anyway.  Just sharing random things I found on the Internet today.

Tags: bad books, children authors, news?
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