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Review: The Dot and the Line by Norton Juster

The Dot and the Line:  A Romance in Lower Mathematics
By Norton Juster

A straight line falls in love with a dot, but she is infatuated with a squiggle. The straight line jumps through hoops and overcomes his rigid lifestyle in order to win her.

Best known for his classic The Phantom Tollbooth (seriously, it's one of the best kid's books EVER!) Norton Juster wrote The Dot and the Line in 1963.   This is such a cute book! It's a visual treat that I think both children and adults would enjoy - and you don't even have to like mathematics. (I generally despise it, but I loved this book.) Clever and aesthetically pleasing - and quite punny for those who enjoy them.

I was reminded of it earlier today when I happened to find a cartoon short of the book on Youtube, animated by Chuck Jones (Looney Tunes).  The cartoon pretty much takes the book and directly adapts the book to the television screen, but it's fun.  Check it out!

Tags: *****, 1963, art, children’s fiction, fiction, humor, norton juster, r2009, romance, silly, youtube
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