fashion_piranha (fashion_piranha) wrote,

Skindecent: Manicure in a Minute

I have tried a lot of hand scrubs. It's unavoidable, really; I pimp them for a living. I've never found one that's really satisfactory. They're always so creamy (gotta avoid drying out those hands, y'know) that there is no exfoliation power, or so gritty they end up scratching your knuckles and palms. There's the super-oil-slick scrubs that leave fingers so greasy you can't touch a thing, or the harsh ones that leave your skin dry as the Sahara.
I've never been able to find one I want to use on a regular basis.

Hello, Manicure in a Minute. I admit that when I first tried this product, I was skeptical. Most scrubs I've purchased are grains of salt or sugar swimming in a sea of oil that must be stirred to mix the oil and 'scrubbies' effectively. This scrub arrived as a dry scrub, nary a drop of oil in sight. But although I was worried I had recieved a defective batch, I scooped out a quarter-sized amount of the sandy mixture and dutifully rubbed it all over my hands. Out of nowhere the oils appeared, but did not leave my fingers greasy and slippery. I could actually feel the oils penetrating my skin and making it softer as the grains of sugar removed the dry callouses on my palms.
Now, I used this scrub dry, and after rubbing for a minute I turned the water on. The sugar grains instantly melted away, and the little excess oil vanished. Even without using soap my skin felt clean, not slimy, and there was such a noticable difference! Previously dull skin glowed, and they were much softer to the touch than they had been in months! It really seemed as if my hands had de-aged a few years!

This is an amazing hand scrub that I would recommend over anything else I've tried, and I have subjected these poor hands to a lot. Plus, you can customize this scrub to any of nearly one-hundred fragrances. Whether you like strawberries, lush florals, or fresh baked cookies, there's a scent to your tastes! Check it out!

Tags: beauty
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