fashion_piranha (fashion_piranha) wrote,

Discussion Question: Ruining Your Books (TSS)

A few days ago, as I was cheerfully walking to class, my water bottle exploded in my backpack, completely soaking one of my books.  It dried after a few days (with no funny odors left behind, so I don't think any mold grew) but the lower half of the book is swollen up to almost 3x the original dimensions of the book.  It's rumpled and rippled and ruined.  But it's not so bad; in spite of the fact that my favorite place to read is the bathtub, this is the first time I've actually ruined a book with water. 

So tell me a story about a time you damaged a book irreparably.  How'd you do it?  What was the title?  Did you replace it or were you secretly glad?

And since I haven't yet figured out a subtle way to bring this up, I'll do it rather bluntly instead.  I'm trying to scrabble a few coins together and have some books for sale over on my personal journal.  Be a dear and take a rummage through to see if anything interests you.
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