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Review: Possessed by Kate Cann


by Kate Cann


For sixteen-year-old Rayne, life in London sucks.  Her mother always expects her to watch over her little brother, her boyfriend is controlling and lacks direction, and the awful din of the city around her is driving her mad.  When the opportunity to work at a country manor in isolated Marcles Lee pops up, Rayne grabs at this lifeline as her only chance to escape.  Once she’s arrived at Morton’s Keep, however, the creepiness of the place nearly overwhelms Rayne.  The gloomy atmosphere pervades every room of the Keep, and stories of murders and haunting frighten Rayne so much she can’t sleep at night.  Yet to go home would be even worse, so Rayne resolves to tough it out, a decision made much easier when gorgeous St. John and his friends welcome her into their elite circle.  But there’s something slightly off about the group, and even as Rayne grows closer to St. John she can’t shake the feeling that there’s something horribly wrong at Morton’s Keep.


Rayne’s situation is a teen’s fantasy come true, don’t you think?  She escapes from the control of her parents and is able to work and live on her own in an old castle surrounded by a beautiful landscape.  (That was certainly one of my dreams as a teenager, anyway.)  Much is made of the contrast between the stifling crowds and ceaseless noise of Rayne’s urban life and the peace and tranquility she finds in nature. It’s a nice change from the usual teen fare, which tends to glamorize life in the big city.


I was pleasantly surprised with Possessed.  I wanted to read something that was atmospheric and creepy, but fast; I just haven’t been in the mood to buckle down and read anything long all month.  Kate Cann’s latest novel fit the bill quite nicely.


To read more about Possessed, buy it or add it to your wishlist click here.
Tags: ****1/2, 2010, 21st century, amazon vine, arc, england, fiction, ghosts, horror, mystery, r2010, supernatural, young adult
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