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Event: The one and only Chris "Fuckstockings" Moore!

Originally posted in my non-book journal, [info]k00kaburra .  Sorry to those of you who see this twice!!

That's right kids.
I saw Christopher Moore at Kepler's in Menlo Park tonight, where he was pimping his new book  BITE ME.  It was pretty awesome, I have to admit.
See, the guy doesn't read his book at author-things, which is kinda unusual.  Instead he just rambles along about...well, whatever he wants.  Tonight's topics included:
- fake replacement testicles for neutered dogs (neuticles) (a real product, apparently)
- this book about vampires he wrote.  It's about vampires.
- Denver, Colorado is awesome.
- Arizona, not so much.
- Next book is going to be about French Impressionists (what what?? I'll die happy.)
- He'd love to do a sequel to A Dirty Job.  He's not going to do a Lamb sequel so stop asking.
- 5 Political jokes.  Seanie was counting.
- Generally Awesome. why don't I have a photo with Mr. Moore?
Well, we opted not to stick around to wait in the autograph line because it was snaking around the bookstore, so I did not actually meet the author guy.  But I did eavesdrop on him before his author-thing started.  I was looking at some art books and I see this guy come up really close to me and pick up a HUGE Caravaggio book, trying to hunt down Judith Beheading Holofernes inside.  From what he said I figured out who he was within thirty seconds, but he was talking to some companions so I didn't want to wander over and be like "HI OMG I LOVE CARAVAGGIO DO YOU LOVE CARAVAGGIO ALSO I LOVE YOUR BOOKS IN AN EPIC BATTLE BETWEEN COYOTE AND THE MORRIGAN WHO DO YOU THINK WOULD WIN AND  WHY?  ALSO AND ALSO WILL YOU BE MY NEW BEST FRIEND?"  But I was secretly delighted that Moore is a Caravaggio fan, all the same.


If you would like to hear Mr. Moore but can't make it to any of his future events (I think he's up in Canada right now) here is a recording of him from an appearance in Denver at the Tattered Cover Bookstore.
It's like you're really there!

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